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  1. Hi There, My Name is Norma My daughter Neomi Jean is 22yrs old. On May7,2011 she had a car accident coming home from a party. She was the only on in her car and the only one that got hurt rolled over. Not sure of the details and did not care to know. Neomi has had little over 15 surgeries to her face. All the truma was to her face and has TBI had a stunt place and her right hand has tone and right foot drop has a peg tube . She is our only daughter. Neomi has been in facility to facility for Rehap over a peroid of one year. She has been home for two months. and the home therapy is a joke. I am taking a leave of absent from the school. I’m a teacher assistant. Started looking online for tharepy I can do with her at home. I have started working with her and she is doing well. I just happened to look into this website and saw your blog. and had to stop in and say Hi! and let you know I well keep yall in my prayers. A new friend Norma Jean Balderas

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