Full House


Here is Ashleigh in bed with her cousin’s three kids.  The kids visit often and Ashleigh loves it as you can tell by the smile on her face.  On this day the oldest, Paige, had a day off of school and got to join Evan and Natalie piled in bed with Ashleigh.
Paige used to spend hours in bed watching movies with Ashleigh when she was little and now she says even though she is a grown-up first grader she still loves it. 

A Wedding Fiesta

One of the partners in the law firm that has been taking care of Ashleigh, Mike Dwyer, got married this summer and invited us to the wedding.  It had a very fun south of the border atmosphere and everyone had a great time.  The ceremony was fun and the food was fantastic.  All of the folks from the firm lauded over Ashleigh and made her feel great.  She got tired but she still wanted to stay for more of the party.  Congratulations again Mike and Olga.

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It was a few days after Christmas and Ashleigh had been dozing when I noticed she was moving her lips trying to say something. Since she can not typically vocalize and when she does it is often very breathy, I put my ear very close to her so I could hear.

I asked her what she was saying and she said she was singing. I asked what she was singing and she said it was Silent Night. I asked if I could hear some more and she ended up singing the whole song, albeit in very whispery way. It was the best present we had this year

Ashleigh’s Security Force

Here is a great picture of Ashleigh with the Ohio State Troopers who made up the motorcade riders when we went to the Gov. Palin arrival. I think you would feel awful safe with these guys on your side.

My wife saw some of these patrolman inside of the airport terminal while we were waiting on Gov. Palin. She went up asked if she could get their picture with Ash. They were so nice and suggested we go outside by their motorcycles. A lady from the Cincinnati Enquirer was there and she agreed to take the picture. Of course it didn’t hurt that my wife and Ashleigh thought the guys looked very good and my wife especially liked their riding boots.

Ashleigh Talking – More Than the Moon…

Ashleigh did some talking in the middle of the night again the other day. My wife asked how she was doing and she said fine. My wife said she loved her and Ashleigh said she loved her too. My wife said she loved her more and Ash said no, she loved her more. My wife said she loved her a whole sky full and Ashleigh replied she loved her a whole moon full. This went back and forth a few times until my wife said well we both seem to love each other a lot so let’s call it a tie. Ashleigh said great because she couldn’t think of anything bigger.

Ashleigh also told my wife that my wife did not have to make chicken and dumplings the next day for Mother’s Day. My wife said she wanted to make them and Ashleigh said she would do it if she knew how. My wife told her she looks forward to the day that she and Ashleigh can cook and do lots of things together in the kitchen.

Brain Injury Research Grant Reviewer

I was very fortunate to be a participant in the Department Of Defense grant review process. Congress allocated special funding for research into Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome TBI/PTSD for our troops in 2007. I participated in three of the four sessions from Nov. 2007 through Jan. 2008. The funds have recently all been awarded.
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Moving Her Left Hand

Ashleigh gave me a great birthday present yesterday. When I got home from a job my wife said Ashleigh had a surprise for me and she was able to purposefully move the pointer finger on her left hand. This is really the first time she has been able to do that since her accident in 1999. This was the hand that she had to have tendon lengthening surgery on just so the hand was not drawn up.

My wife said she had actually done more movement earlier in the day. She was able to move her hand up on her chest and then move it back down to touch my wife’s hand. She was also able to move the fingers on command. She duplicated some of the movements today for her OT. It wasn’t huge movements but it is progress and we will be happy to take it.

New Bed

If any of you have had a medical bed at home you know what the beds are like. They look like they are from WWII with the clunky metal frames and fake woodgrain panels. The motors are slow and squeaky and always sounds like the hamster needs to be changed. Sometimes you don’t even qualify for a motorized version and you have to use a hand crank. The mattress was very uncomfortable.
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Jennifer Visit

There are a few pictures below from a visit we had from Jennifer and her mother, Bev and father, Randy. We knew Jennifer for weeks before she ever knew us.

You see Jennifer was injured in an auto accident the same day as Ashleigh was and was in an ICU room down the hall from us in a coma. Ashleigh and Jennifer both suffered brain injuries and their recovery was following a similar path.

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Shunt CT

After the hand appointment we went and had a head CT series done to try and check on Ashleigh’s shunt. She has seemed more sleepy and not as quick with her movements the past few weeks. In the past these very subtle changes have been a precursor to a shunt failure which requires a shunt replacement and inevitably a major setback in any gains she has made.
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