Moving Her Left Hand

Ashleigh gave me a great birthday present yesterday. When I got home from a job my wife said Ashleigh had a surprise for me and she was able to purposefully move the pointer finger on her left hand. This is really the first time she has been able to do that since her accident in 1999. This was the hand that she had to have tendon lengthening surgery on just so the hand was not drawn up.

My wife said she had actually done more movement earlier in the day. She was able to move her hand up on her chest and then move it back down to touch my wife’s hand. She was also able to move the fingers on command. She duplicated some of the movements today for her OT. It wasn’t huge movements but it is progress and we will be happy to take it.

New Bed

If any of you have had a medical bed at home you know what the beds are like. They look like they are from WWII with the clunky metal frames and fake woodgrain panels. The motors are slow and squeaky and always sounds like the hamster needs to be changed. Sometimes you don’t even qualify for a motorized version and you have to use a hand crank. The mattress was very uncomfortable.
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