Ashleigh Talking – More Than the Moon…

Ashleigh did some talking in the middle of the night again the other day. My wife asked how she was doing and she said fine. My wife said she loved her and Ashleigh said she loved her too. My wife said she loved her more and Ash said no, she loved her more. My wife said she loved her a whole sky full and Ashleigh replied she loved her a whole moon full. This went back and forth a few times until my wife said well we both seem to love each other a lot so let’s call it a tie. Ashleigh said great because she couldn’t think of anything bigger.

Ashleigh also told my wife that my wife did not have to make chicken and dumplings the next day for Mother’s Day. My wife said she wanted to make them and Ashleigh said she would do it if she knew how. My wife told her she looks forward to the day that she and Ashleigh can cook and do lots of things together in the kitchen.

Brain Injury Research Grant Reviewer

I was very fortunate to be a participant in the Department Of Defense grant review process. Congress allocated special funding for research into Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome TBI/PTSD for our troops in 2007. I participated in three of the four sessions from Nov. 2007 through Jan. 2008. The funds have recently all been awarded.
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