Spiderman Visits

Ashleigh’s cousin’s little boy, Evan, is at our house quite a bit and we all love it.  His birthday was coming up and he decided he wanted a Spiderman suit.  So Ashleigh and I searched online and we ordered the suit for his birthday.  I guess the first few days he wore it non-stop.  His grandmother even got this thing that shoots webs from his wrists to go with the suit.

He has now started to carry the suit with him and he decided to pay Ashleigh a visit in full regalia.  Too cute!

Support Our Troops

Ashleigh and her Mom always make a point of going up and thanking any uniformed service members they see.  I always give Ash a hard time that she is just trying to meet cute guys.

The young lady in the picture below is the daughter of a lady who works for an agency that provides some of Ashleigh’s care.  My wife had told her Mom that Ashleigh is very supportive of the military.  She and my wife then got the two girls together when she was in town on leave.


AFO Fitting

Ashleigh saw a different PT for a few visits and that PT suggested bracing for her trunk.  The softer versions they tried did not provide much support so they suggested a hard shell type brace.

We then spoke to our orthotist, Ted, who did a great job on her previous AFO’s and he suggested we get our PT and OT to come to the orthotist’s office so he could see Ashleigh’s body in motion as she walked. Continue reading