Aquatic Therapy

Ashleigh did a few months of aquatic therapy recently.  She really enjoys the water and would probably go every day if we could. Below are a couple of videos we shot:

We have been going to the Drake Center in Cincinnati and they really have a great set-up with their pool.  At one end of the pool the floor can be raised level with the surrounding floor so that patients can be wheeled out in a shower wheelchair and then the floor lowered to the desired depth.

The water is in the 96 degree range and the air temperature in the entire pool area and changing rooms is very warm as well.  Ashleigh was so relaxed after her swim as it really helped with her high tone.  We went to a local Y for a while and while the pool area was warm the dressings rooms were freezing.  It was so bad that our PT said it was not worth the increase in tone she was getting and we should stop.  At the Drake she stays nice and loose for hours.

Chiropractic Treatments

We received an email from a visitor to our website, Sonja,  about a treatment her daughter, Lindsay,  was getting from a chiropractor.  She said her daughter has made some significant improvements from her Maximized Living practitioner.  We spoke with her doctor and ended up finding someone near us, Dr. Ryan Berlin at Baker Chiropractic in West Chester, OH.

Dr. Berlin is a great person, very kind and caring.  Believe me it was not easy to stand by as he did the manipulations the first few times.  We have not seen as big of improvements yet that Lindsay has but we have seen much better breathing and better relaxation and less tone after the treatments.  We are going three days a week.  Below are a couple videos from a session:

You can look at to learn more and to find someone in your area if you are interested.