Double the Fun

IMG_6578 Celeste’s twin girls are the latest additions to the family.  Ashleigh loves babies and as you can see she now has both of her arms full with her little cousins.  The girls, Ava and Isabel were born early and were so tiny it was scary.   They had a little longer stay in the hospital to gain some weight but they seem to be catching right up.  Ashleigh has proven to be the champ at getting them to sleep as they find it so comfy in her arms. Continue reading

Rocking Out

Here are a few pictures of Ash playing her keyboard with her little cousins.  Little Natalie likes for her and Ash to play along with the songs in the keyboard’s memory.  Even better is to put the keyboard into sound effects mode and make funny sounds with it.  Paige is more of a purist and likes the piano mode.

Ash enjoys it all and is very patient letting the kids choose what they like.

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