Speak Out For Those Who Cannot Speak For Themselves

Medicare is implementing requirements that will put burdensome restrictions on people with ALS, brain injuries, and other debilitating impairments seeking to acquire and use Speech Generating Devices from Medicare. Speech Generating Devices (SGD) are computers that can take the user input and vocalize the output for those unable to vocalize themselves. We are asking that you contact your congressperson to support reversing the changes outlined below.

We learned about this because I am afraid my daughter is one of the many people being directly affected by this new policy by Medicare. Ashleigh met with therapists who specialize in Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Over a number of sessions they tested various devices before settling on the Tobii Eye Gaze System. The Eye Gaze systems allow users to control the SGD computer with only their eyes. The therapists were very excited at how well she did and she was excited as well. We have tried numerous devices over the years and this was the first device that seemed like it was going to be able to work given her physical limitations since her brain injury.  Continue reading