Rehab- – We Love the Drake…

Ashleigh spent about six weeks in in-patient rehab that The Drake Center in Cincinnati. Our Phsyiatrist recommended it and one of the main reasons was that he wanted to try to work on her vocalization.

We were very happy with Ashleigh’s progress in rehab and the therapists were some of the best we have had anywhere. They really cared for Ashleigh and she made some nice gains in strength and endurance. She also worked with a Speech therapist who has a background in computer aided speech technology and they worked with Ashleigh on her computer access.

Probably the most fun Ashleigh had was in the therapy pool. The Drake Center has a very large warm water pool for the patients to use. The most amazing part is that half of the pool floor raises up to the level of the pool deck so that patients can stay in a shower wheelchair and roll in to the pool. The floor is then lowered to the appropriate height for the patient. Very cool.

Ashleigh was able to move her body much more while in the pool. She was able to walk across the pool, with help. She was able to initiate movement even with the leg on her left side which is much weaker.The best part of the pool is that Ashleigh really enjoys it. My wife worked with Ashleigh to come up with a few new signs so Ashleigh could sign to the doctor that she wanted to swim more. Dr. Watanabe then asked for Ashleigh to vocalize her request. It took a while but Ashleigh was able to say with her voice that she wanted to swim more. One of the only handful of times she has been able to speak without being asleep first. I have attached some pictures from the pool.

If you are not a Seinfeld aficionado then the title might not make sense. If you recognize the Seinfeld reference then you may be as big of a dork as Ashleigh says I am.

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