Continuing to Vocalize

People calling our support line (1-877-810-2100) have asked whether Ashleigh has spoken again. See bottom of blog for audio files.

Ashleigh has continued to speak aithough it is usually a week or so more frequent followed by a week or more of less frequent. Again, mainly after she has been asleep. The speech is appropriate, she initiates conversation, and she always answers correctly.

Here is a cute one.

Right before Christmas we asked what she wanted as a gift. She said she wanted a puppy. As background, Ollie was a basset hound puppy we got her a few years before her accident. Sadly, he got out into the street and got hit by a car. Ashleigh gave the dog mouth-to-snout recesitation all the way to the vet but he did not make it.

So, when we asked Ashleigh what kind of a puppy she wanted she said “I want a basset hound like Ollie. Only alive…”

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