Vanessa Visit

A long time family friend stopped by when she was back in town from Chicago. Vanessa is a very smart and funny woman who now works and lives in Chicago.

Vanessa was a fantastic host for us when we were in Chicago last year for Ashleigh’s stay at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC). When we were scheduled to go to RIC we went up a couple days ahead of our Evaluation appointment at RIC so that Ashleigh could have a full day to rest and hopefully be very impressive in her evaluation.

Vanessa arranged an apartment for us in her building which was really nice and much better than a hotel room. It was pretty unusual for someone to be accepted at RIC so long after their injury but luckily after Ashleigh’s evaluation, the doctor recommended a two week stay, that was extended to about eight weeks. The only problem was the evaluation was on a Thursday and they would not have an open bed until the next Tuesday. We decided to stay in Chicago rather than drive home and back again.

Part of the decision to stay was that Ashleigh had developed the start of a skin breakdown on the initial six hour drive to Chicago. So, we extended the stay in the apartment and did some sightseeing while we waited for the room at RIC.

While we were in RIC, Vanessa would stop by to visit and she alwas seemed to have a Chicago delicacy of some kind for us to enjoy. We really appreciate her friendship and I know Ashleigh appreciates her love and support.

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