Care Flight Celebration

Miami Valley Hospital held a celebration for their Care Flight helicopter transport. All of the patients transported by Care Flight were invited and the hospital had a picnic lunch for everyone. We took Ashleigh and had a good time. It was the first time she got to see the helicopter since her accident.

We have to credit the nurses and pilot of Care Flight with saving Ashleigh’s life. The local paramedics called for Care Flight very quickly after arriving on the scene. The Care Flight nurses were able to stabilize Ashleigh enough for transport. She was intubated at the scene. Without their skill and experience, I don’t think she would have made it.
Donna Young, the Careflight nurse in the picture below, continued to follow Ashleigh’s care for her brain injury while she was in the hospital. She really helped my wife cope with things by coming to Ashleigh’s room in the middle of the night and talking with my wife. They would sometimes go for coffee and give my wife a little bit of a break. Whenever she was on duty she would stop by Ashleigh’s room to check on her and lend support.

I don’t want to sound real ethereal here but we have seen Ashleigh have such an impact on people through this ordeal. I think the care and concern that Donna showed that was above and beyond the norm is another example. She took one of Ashleigh’s senior pictures and laminated it to the clipboard she carries with her at work. So many times people have been just extraordinary when dealing with Ashleigh.

We ran in to Donna at a high school football game our sons were playing in. Sorry to say her team won but it was good to see her. She just stood and held Ashleigh’s hand the whole time she was talking with us.

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  1. Dear Szabo family,
    I am a paramedic student who is doing a research paper on brain injury’s. Ashleigh’s story has touched my heart. She is one tough cookie. My hopes and prayers for her continued health are with you. God bless and keep you.Lucy from N.C.

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