Wii Brain Injury Rehab Therapy

You may have seen articles in the paper recently where rehab centers have been using Nintendo Wii’s as part of their brain injury rehab program. Thanks to our PT, Julian, Ashleigh has been doing her own Wii therapy since last year. Here are a couple of photos showing Ashleigh playing her favorite “cow-racing” game.

Ashleigh’s Physical Therapist, Julian suggested that there may be some games that Ashleigh should be able to play with the Nintendo Wii. He got his kids one and thought it might help Ashleigh as well as bring more fun into the therapy sessions.

The Wii can interpret movements made by the controller as input into the games. This is much more advanced than the previous game systems where you had to push buttons to send a signal. With Ashleigh’s hemiplegia she can only use one hand and that one with limited movement. There are however a few of the games that she can use and she seems to enjoy it.

Ashleigh’s little niece and nephew also love to play and they will get up in Ashleigh’s bed and play with her. Some games they take turns on and a couple they play at the same time. For example, the boxing game uses one controller for the right hand and the other for the left. Ashleigh will be one hand and one of the kids will be the other. It can get a little hectic but Ashleigh enjoys the kids.


3 thoughts on “Wii Brain Injury Rehab Therapy

  1. Hello again,

    I believe the Wii system was available at the Rehab center that I was at…hmmm…perhaps a good two weeks before I was discharged in Apr.’07, but I sure loved playing “tennis” every time I had Occupational therapy. haha.

    Darlene Lee

  2. I am also a TBI survivor. My injury was in October 2005, and this system was not being used at my inpatient or outpatient therapies at the time. Last month was three years out for me and I received the Wii system. I have already see improvements with Big Brain Academy. Many of the exercises are similiar to therapy exercises, and I try to play for a little each day to contine improving. What a great system for those with head injuries, strokes, and memory issues.

  3. Hello,
    My husband is a TBI survivor. He was in a ATV accident 8 months ago. He is recovering so fast that the doctors are just amazed. Though my husbands injury was not as severe, I bought the Wii Fit for my husbands recovery here at home, it has done wonders for rebuilding his muscles & balance. It was the best investment we have made. My husband has recovered to about 90%. He has some short-term memory loss, but we are so blessed & thankful to God that he has come this far. God Bless you and your family.
    Curtis and Tina McIntire

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