Tobii Update

Ashleigh has been working hard with her Tobii Eyegaze system. We have been working with Sherry at The Perlman Center and she has been so pleased with Ashleigh’s progress and her determination.

We have been experimenting with using the eyegaze system and then using a switch to make her selection.  On some days that works out better than the eyegaze selection.  On the Tobii you can set the eyegaze selection option to dwell or blink.  Ashleigh usually does better with the blink option.

One thing we have found is that some days things are easier than other days.  The good thing about the Tobii is that it is so flexible you can adjust to how the person is doing that day.

Tobii1 (2016_02_07 19_47_17 UTC)

In the same vein, our speech therapist also had her try scanning recently to see if that would work.  Ashleigh’s cognitive abilities are good so scanning does work pretty good.  It can be a little slower so we will have to see what works best.  We created two groups of pages, one customized for eyegaze and the other customized for scanning. I think it may be very beneficial with the keyboard pages where there are a lot of buttons on the screen which are more difficult for Ashleigh.

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