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People have asked for more on the Lokomat Gait Trainer. We were able to use the computerized Lokomat Gait Training system while at The Rehab Institute of Chicago. While Ashleigh was only on it twice, it was very cool. The robotics combined with the computer system puts the user in perfect position to walk even if they are not able to help.

Ashleigh tried the Lokomat and we thought she was doing pretty good. But, the therapist thought Ashleigh’s ankle was turned in in such a way as to risk getting a broken ankle if we contintued. Now, you have to remember Ashleigh can’t speak but she gave this therapist a look that would kill. We saw an orthopedic surgeon at Northwestern a few days later and he recommended tendon lengthening surgery followed by casting to relieve the contractures. The surgery went better than the doctor hoped and he did not even do one procedure because the others worked so well.

The successful surgery was the good news, but being in a cast for the next five or six weeks was the bad news. Ashleigh stood in the stander the day after surgery and kept it up even in the casts. She got to try the Lokomat one more time after the casts came off and the therapists were amazed she did so well.

Ashleigh walked for about fifteen minutes and kept her effort up above the machine level the whole time. Fifteen minutes may not sound like a lot but there is probably twenty minutes beforehand standing getting the equipment on and then getting everything adjusted. All in all, she did great. Maybe when we hit the lottery, we will buy one of the Lokomats so she could really see the benefits.

For more: www.ric.org or http://www.hocoma.ch/

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  1. My son was in a car accident in February 2007 and is working towards rcovering from TBI. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but the day after his first time on the Lokomat at Spaulding Rehab Hospital, he started mouthing words, after over 4 months of being minimally responsive. He also went from being able to sit for only 2 minutes to 15 minutes. Since then, he’s continued to make very slow but steady progress in his recovery. It seemed to us that the Lokomat triggered something somewhere in his brain that none of the other therapies had been able to reach. ALthough he’s still a very long way from being able to walk on his own, we’re very grateful that he had the opportunity to get some benefits from the Lokomat.

  2. Hi Szabo Family,

    First and foremost I want to say your strength is phenomenal!!! God bless you guys for what you are doing for your daughter and other survivors and families. My cousin was in a car accident in May 2012 and sustained some pretty bad brain injuries. He has been to multiple facilities including the Rehab Institute of Chicago. Just this past Wednesday, he was transferred to a VA facility in Minnesota, where we are praying for a miracle. I don’t know the extent of his injuries, but he has been comatose since the accident and he left RIC, because he wasn’t making the progress he needed to in order to stay. This is such a touchy situation, but when I see families like you making it work, I know things will be alright. I can’t lie, I am scared because as many families, this is very unknown territory and you don’t know how things will affect not only your loved one, but parents, siblings, and other family as well. My cousin is 26 years old and it is so heartbreaking to see him in this condition, but I know it’s already a miracle for him to be alive and still with us after being “paddled” 3 x’s en route to the hospital from the accident. I believe in miracles and I believe in God, therefore I can’t place a timetable on Him. You never know, a miracle might still be in the works for Asleigh, please don’t give up. I will continue to pray for your strength, peace and faith. God BLESS!!

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