Tendon Lengthening Check-Up

Ashleigh had a check-up on Wednesday with the surgeon who did the tendon lengthening on her left arm . Dr. Peter Stern, an excellent orthopedic surgeon with the Hand Surgery Specialists in Cincinnati checked Ashleigh and thought she was doing very well.

He sent us across the hall to the hand therpay area where her hand therapist Bob Schneider made a set of individual finger braces to try to help correct some hyperextension Ashleigh has on two of her fingers. Bob was kind enough to work her in even though we did not have an appointment.

I have attached a couple of pictures to show the dramatic change the surgery has had.

In the waiting room, we asked Ashleigh if she wanted us to tell Dr. Stern about her talking and she signed yes and then used some signs to tell us she wanted to speak to him. So, the next time she spoke we tried to tape her message to Dr. Stern. The files below are not her best voicing but if you listen closely you can hear her say “Hi to Dr. Stern”.

AshTalk7 AshTalk6

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