Arboretum Visit

Below are some pictures from the Cox Arboretum. We went ot visit the arboretum the weekend before Celeste’s wedding to check the place out and see how accessible it was. This place was going to be the site of Celeste’s reception.

This kind of points out some of the challenges when caring for a disabled person. First, you need to make sure the building is accessible for wheelchairs. Not usually a problem for public spaces but almost always a problem for homes. Secondly, there are extra considerations to think about. In our situation, Ashleigh’s aunt and uncle arranged a space at the reception hall where we had a hospital bed delivered so she could lie down when she was tired or needed to change.
You often need to bring equipment, like a suction machine or other things like medications, blankets, etc. Some things are easy to forget until you find yourself away from home and realize you need a straw for a drink. Many of the simpler things we take for granted prove to be difficult when you are disabled. It’s up to the family to try and anticipate those needs to make things as comfortable as possible for your loved one. More fun facts of having to deal with brain injuries.

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