Hurricane in Ohio

We had some really bizarre weather recently. The remnants of Hurricane Ike came through Ohio wit a vengeance. We had wind gusts at eighty mile plus an hour and sustained winds in the forty’s and fifty’s. Power was out across the state. We had a lot of limbs down but none damaged the house.

We had a double whammy in that we are on a well for our water and without electricity we do not have water either. The storm hit on Sunday afternoon and we did not have power again until midnight on Thursday. The good thing is that we had purchased a small gas powered electric generator that allows us to to keep Ashleigh’s room with electric.

We had used the generator a few times when electric was out for a few hours but we never had anything like this before. Our primary concern was keeping the pulse/ox machine going so we could monitor Ashleigh’s stats and to keep her bed inflated to avoid the risk of pressure sores. Another big positive was we had the refrigerator powered and we even had the TV working although we had to use the DVD only as the cable was out.

The city had a huge tank of water and the residents on wells could come and get water to use. We found bottled water at the groceries that were open. At first I had to drive quite a ways to find gasoline for the generator but eventually more stations got their power back.

Certainly not fun, especially for Ashleigh, but we were still a lot better off than the people in Texas who had to suffer the flooding waters from Ike while all we got was the wind.

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