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Ashleigh was very excited when she got to meet Glenn Beck when he came to Columbus with Bill O’Reilly.  She watches Glenn daily and really enjoys him.   It was a crazy day and we had to rush to Columbus and barely made it in time to see him.  She was really tired by the time we made it back home late that night but she said it was worth it.


I don’t want to get into a political discussion on this brain injury related blog on whether you agree with his views or not, but I can say that as a person, Glenn is very kind and loving.  It was very generous of him to take the time to meet with Ashleigh and then when he was holding her hand while speaking with her it was clear to us that he really cares.   

Ashleigh loved it and was able to voice “Hi Glenn” when she met him.  It was a whisper but Glenn said he heard it.  The next day she was able to voice to family and her therapists that Glenn gave her a kiss.  Her aunt told her she was jealous and Ash just had a big grin on her face.

We also want to thank Beth for help above and beyond the call  by coordinating things and guiding us through the venue and making sure Ash had an accessible seat and taking us back to meet Glenn. 

Glenn has mentioned publicly he has a daughter with CP and that she has been having some health issues so I am sure they would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  Many of you reading this blog are all too familiar with the seemingly constant struggle people with disabilities sometimes face.

BTW – Doesn’t Ash look very pretty in these pics.  (Thankfully she gets her looks from her Mom, not me.)


  1. Cassidy Farr on September 13, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    This is amazing. The whole story is. Unfortunatley, I know exactly what she is going through and has been through. Although, I was fortunate enough to have the best team to work with. I am sure you do, too. I was just not injured as bad. I have a Brain Injury. I was in a car accident, also. I was in a coma for thirteen days. It was two years ago today. I was in a wheelchair and was even paralyzed-like in my left side of my body. Got out of the hospital in three months and start rehab. at an awesome rehabilitation center for brain injuries. I was always the young one. I was 18 when I got in the wreck and spent my 19th birthday in the hospital. The doctors once told my mother I may never walk again. I am proud and blessed to say, I am walking! I am even back in college. I would love to be an Occupational therapist, but I know I cannot handle going to school for so long. I have settled to be a surgical tech. I have been back to therapy to speak to other patients who suffer from TBI. TBI changes everything. Even things that people do no understand. I will pray for you and your family. Ashleigh you will always be in my thoughts, everyday. Tomorrow is never promised to hold on to what you have now and never look back! I hope to hear back from you and maybe we can stay in contact. Your mother is amazing. My mother was amazing through the whole thing, also. It seems you have an amazing team behind you.
    Praying for you,

  2. mike shelton on October 7, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    My son Alex suffered a TBI in January of 2008. He was in Mexico for a fraternity seminar. He slept-walk off a balcony. He barely lived. It took us 28 hours to get down there. We live in Illinois and had to drive to Chicago since we had no passports. When we arrived he did not look that bad. His head was bandaged up and he had some bruising on his body. The doctor took us in another room and told us our son had a 10 percent chance of living. They had to remove part of the skull since his brain swelled up so bad. We were in Mexico for 7 days. Then back to the hospital in our town of Peoria. 3 months there. Then 2 months in Chicago. One month at another hospital. Then 1 one more month at the last one. He came home in July. Along the way he had the usual problems with the trachea, feeding tube, not drinking, losing 50 lbs, c-diff, muscle tone, etc. He could not sit up, and he kicked his legs and hands for hours at a time. We had to remodel the basement since he could not walk up stairs. After a while we got him in his own bed upstairs. He was in a wheelchair, then had the walker, and now he uses a 4 point cane. He is taking a college class twice a week near our house. He has a caregiver at the house while we both work. I cannot believe it has been three years already. He has made great strides. My wife has been a saint through all of this. She keeps positive and makes sure Alex is the top priority. He goes the physical therapy 3 times a week and 2 workouts a month with me at the gym. When i think back to how bad he was he before it is a miracle. One oe the doctors told us the first week he would never get any better. Three days later Alex threw a ball to him. My wife laughed at the doctor and said you do not know who you are dealing with.We have dealt with every aspect with the insurance companies. My wife is an insurance agent thank god. I know you have been through all of this too. I have read all of your blogs. It helped me to deal with all of the problems that arise. He is not 100 percent and he may never be. But, he is alive and my wife and i will fight every day to make him better. Thank god for mothers and fathers like you. Keep up the good fight. I will pray for for your family. Mike and Tammy Shelton.

  3. Twila Z. Mojica, M.S.,LPCMH, NCC on October 9, 2010 at 7:01 am

    I watched your video and viewed your daughter’s pictures. By sharing your story you encourage others who are beginning this journey. Our 5 year old named Raistlin Caleb Sweetman was in a car injury that caused the SUV to roll…the damage was so severe that they removed part of his skull to treat the ICP and did the spinal drip. We have a wonderful Dr. at A.I.DuPont Children’s Hospital named Dr. Piatt and he and the Lord worked together to keep Raistlin with us. He was in Pediatric ICU for a month and is now in rehabilitation…3 months so far. Our strength is in the Lord who made his brain to begin with and by his stripes we are healed. We are trusting the Lord for a full recovery and will pray for your precious Ashly as well.

  4. Robert Allen on November 5, 2010 at 2:19 am

    Ernie, I guess I can mostly relate with you since I am a dad. I just found your website. My daughter, Kelsey (19), was in a roll-over accident on 10/16/10. She was airlifted to Univ. Med. Ctr. in Lubbock, TX. She was in the surgical ICU for 16 days and was trasferred to a long-term acute care facility in Albuquerque, NM (near our home) yesterday. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all of the work on this website. I have much more to read, but I have already been helped by your willingness to share. I pray that God will provide continued strength for you, your wife, and Ashleigh. I know you have already been where I am about to go, and it’s good to know someone understands and can shine a little light on the path.

  5. Susan Austin on November 8, 2010 at 6:57 am

    I rejoice with this family in the blessing of Ashleigh’s life! My father’s brain injury was about 35 years ago. He continues to “recover” and is doing all the things doctors thought he would never do. My best friend is also a brain injury survivor – 20 years – and continues to work with her “team” and to recover and adapt. (She has written 2 books; one for survivors and a companion book for families. See or order from Carolyn at New studies show that the brain often switches a function to another area when one area of the brain is injured. This is great because even many years after the injury, the brain can still “rewire” some functions.

    I was 14 years old when my father’s brain injury occurred. No one could tell our family anything about what to expect. There was no “team” of health care professionals and no rehab – just a dedicated neurosurgeon who happened to be in town for a visit on the day my Dad was brought in. There were no books on brain injury survival and no people to talk with about it. Members of our church, however, stayed present with us and prayed without ceasing. When my Dad could finally sit up and play dominoes, 4 men came over once a week for a year to be with him in the only activity he could do. He was paralyzed on one side and had to relearn walking, talking, eating, dressing, shaving…everything. It took years, but he is now active and vigorous at 87. His prayers are joined with mine for your family. We understand that an injury this severe brings a “new now” – that life is never the same. My Mother said many times, “Where there is life, there is hope” – and that is never more true than with the long-term relearning and recreating of life while surviving a brain injury. May god bless you and your courageous and triumphant family every minute!

  6. Pix on March 1, 2011 at 9:49 am

    Hi. I stumbled onto Ashleigh’s story while researching Alternative treatments for coma patients. My Brother in Law John was in a crash on January 23, 2011. He has yet to regain consciousness. As a mother myself I feel your pain, and have found myself sort of in Ernie’s roll of keeping everyone in the loop, looking everything up , and simplifying it so that its understandable without being scary. John has 3 young sons, ranging in age from 17 down to 9, two of which are in NJ with me and the third remained in Virginia with friends, and additionally, John is my husband’s identical twin, so it is especially hard on him , as well as me seeing him in that bed. I give both of you as well as Ashleigh alot of credit for your bravery and strength. And somehow I have been inspired by her story to carry on doing what I do for John (I write a daily blog on facebook to keep his friends and extended family in the loop with is progress and downfalls) Its been a long hard month, especially being so far away from him. We are trying to bring him home to Jersey and are getting fought with every step of the way. And I think maybe you are the only people who can understand me when I say he needs to be here with us. When Jim and I were finally able to make a short journey to Virginia ( we have 4 children of our own plus our two new extras) It was so hard to see my Big Man like that, so still, so unresponsive. I put on my big girl pants and braved it talking to him as I always do, slightly sarcastic and teasing and got very little response. BUT when I talked to him about Jim … I had reaction. Reaction enough to send me flying from that hospital to wake Jim at the hotel and drag him in there with me to be with John. I have known John since I was a 12 year old girl, but Jim and he have known each other literally since conception. When Jim entered the room, I watched Johnny’s body relax, Jim didnt notice the difference because he hadnt been there that day but I did. I was on his weaker left side holding his hand, and Jim was on his right crying and talking to him, and he made the effort to let go of me and try and reach his arm over to Jim. It wasnt like he jumped out of the bed and tapdanced, but to me after being there all day, it was noticeable and deliberate and it gave me hope . Shortly afterwards, Jim;s cell rang and he left the room to take the call, without opening his eyes John began to cry, making me choke up and wipe his tears teasing him again and telling him I would do whatever I had to do to bring him home. Ive failed so far in my promise, and Ive been losing hope. The family has been falling apart around me, and the pressure of being the ‘level headed strong’ daughter in law has been fraying me at the seams. As John suffers setback after setback and refuses to respond Ive felt awful ..I cant let Jim be there we have to take care of the kids, but I cant keep them apart I feel like its slowly killing both of them. Anyways, Bless you for your courage and strength,after reading Ashleigh’s story, I am inspired to go on and keep trying. and Just so you know, I plagiarized you a bit on your research on alternative medicine, after waiting till 1 AM for the nurse to have time to pull up John’s chart and go over it with me, I was just too tired to rewrite it and put my own spin on it. Thank you for sharing her story, it has inspired me more then you will ever know xxxx

  7. Lori Hagler on March 17, 2011 at 2:31 am

    I had no particular reason for viewing this site, other than medical interest….until I watched the video and read all the blog posts (this is actually my first blog post!). I have a healthy 13 year old son. I realize how blessed I am. I’m astounded at the strength each of you have and I just wanted you to know that I will be praying for you tonight. God bless you all.

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