AFO Fitting

Ashleigh saw a different PT for a few visits and that PT suggested bracing for her trunk.  The softer versions they tried did not provide much support so they suggested a hard shell type brace.

We then spoke to our orthotist, Ted, who did a great job on her previous AFO’s and he suggested we get our PT and OT to come to the orthotist’s office so he could see Ashleigh’s body in motion as she walked.

We coordinated everyone’s schedules and recently had the appointment.  When Ashleigh walks she has been using an AFO on each foot and then soft knee braces with metal bracing on each knee.  She has a roll-ator with arm troughs for upper stability.  We then have our OT in front moving the walker and setting her left foot.  The PT supports her trunk and left arm and her Mom is on the upper right side.  I am behind Ashleigh on the right rear and help place the left foot and help un-weight the right leg while Ashleigh places the right foot.  We are up to nine trips across our living room which is about 15 feet of walking each trip.

Ted watched Ashleigh walk in his office and decided that it would probably be better to do an AFO that includes a knee support (a KFO) rather than the hard shell back brace.  He said the hard shell braces would give support but also would limit some of the muscles we are trying to strengthen.

We have just done the casting for the KFO and looking forward to the finished product.


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