Emergency Supplies

If you are like us you have a collection of medicines and supplies that you take with you wherever you go.  Ours includes a suction machine, oxygen tank, anti-seizure emergency meds, pulse ox reader, inhaler, nebulizer, oral swabs, and various eye drops . On top of that we have extra clothes, gloves, hats, drinks and whatever else we can fit into the bag.

Please take a few minutes and make sure you check all of the medicines for their expiration dates.  We needed to do a breathing treatment recently and found the medicine in the nebulizer bag was expired.  We called the manufacturer who said it was still okay to use but it added more stress to an already stressful situation as Ashleigh was feeling like she couldn’t breathe.

(BTW – We did end up in the ER but they could not find anything and after a couple of hours she felt better and we got to go home)

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