Harness and Pulley System

Our PT, Julian, set up a trial for us with a fellow PT who teaches at a local university in the Physical Therapy department.  This person with his partner developed a harness and pulley system to use in therapy.  It would help us when Ashleigh walks not have to worry about her falling.  It could also allow us to reduce the number of people we need when Ashleigh walks.

Right now we have Jan, our OT, in front at Ashleigh’s feet, Mom on the right arm, Julian on the left arm and me on the feet in the back while using a roll-ater.  When we did the trial Julian and I were able to do it ourselves without the walker.  We would have to see how things go in a real therapy session to know how much help we would need but just the safety factor of guarding against falls would be worth it.

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