KFO Brace

Ted from Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics in Fairfield, OH did another great job on a brace for Ashleigh that is a big help in her recovery from TBI.  The new brace includes control of the knee on her weakened left side and has made walking with her roll-ater easier.  Ted watched Ashleigh walk in his clinic and then casted her for the brace. Ted suggested Ashleigh get something besides just boring white and he handed us a book that had colors and patterns of braces you can get.  We looked at butterflies and the U.S. flag when Ted said he knew what Ashleigh wanted.  He paged back in the book to one called tattoo.  It was very cool because Ash with all of her artistic talent really appreciated the style.  Check out the pictures below.

A couple of weeks later and we went back to pick up the brace.  It locks when she is walking and then can be released to sit.  It has stopped the knee from buckling and the hyper-extending we saw with a stand-alone knee brace.  We have been to a number of orthotists and Ted is way above the norm in knowledge, speed, and service.

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