New Records

I don’t want to jinx anything but Ashleigh has been on a roll lately in her therapies.  She has been walking across our living room floor with the help of a roll-ater.  When she started a few years ago she could do maybe three trips.  In the past month or two she has been breaking records like crazy.  She has now done 14 trips as her current record.  She could probably do more but the 14 takes us over time in her therapy session.

She hasn’t stopped with just the walking.  She has also recently set records on her peddler.  We got her on the bike a month or so ago and before we could turn the motor on she started pedaling.  The last session she was up to 20 minutes pedaling all on her own and then did 30 minutes more with the motor on the highest speed for 50 minutes total.

Great work and dedication Ashleigh.

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