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Ashleigh has continued to talk on an intermittent basis. Again, it is typically in the evening after she has dozed off for a while. She did it again the other night after I went to bed and unfortunately my wife did not get it recorded. Turns out Ashleigh was having an interesting dream.

My wife noticed that Ashleigh was waking up and that she had a smile on her face. My wife asked her if she was having a good dream. Ashleigh said yes and my wife asked what it was. Ashleigh said that my wife and Ashleigh were at a McDonalds. But while they were at the McDonalds Ashleigh was eating with her feet. My wife asked if people were looking at them and Ash said “Not really”.

Any dream interpreters out there? I have heard of the classic dreams like falling or in front of people in your underwear but I have never heard of eating with your feet. Email me if this makes sense. This does shoot down one theory from a doctor that Ashleigh was just repeating random words and not really conversing. Anyway, we don’t care what she says as long as she keeps talking.

Ernie – The Brain Injury Recovery Network

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  1. RamonaQ on February 22, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    Don't ever listen to doctors and their idiotic minimalistizing spewings of your child is "Just/Only _____". They aren't G-d, and they are usually wrong.

    It is, I have come to believe, human nature to presume that because one is unable to communicate via familiar and long-standing methods, that who they are 'in their head' is accurately being reflected in this seeming deficiency.

    There is an interesting book called "Beyond the Silence" by a boy (now grown) called Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay. I highly suggest at least a skimming. Though his circumstances are different (non-verbal autistic), he sheds a great deal of light upon this subject.

    I wish you & your family peace and success in your journey to Ashleigh's recovery.

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