Neurosurgeon Check-Up

Ashleigh just had a check-up with her Neurosurgeon Dr. Zuccarello. The good news is that her CT shows everything is stable after her brain injury. In fact, Dr. Zuccarello said that her ventricles even look a little smaller. Here is a picture with Ashleigh and Dr. Zuccarello.

Getting a good report from the neurosurgeon is such good news as we really worry that her shunt may malfunction again. Ashleigh has had to have her VP Shunt replaced three times and it sets her back dramatically each time.

Dr. Zuccarello took over for Ashleigh’s previous doctor, Dr. van Loveren, who took a new position in Florida. Dr. Zuccarello had big shoes to fill as Dr. van Loveren was one of our favorite doctors ever. Dr. Zuccarello has not disappointed and it is easy to see how much he really cares for Ashleigh.


  1. monique's sis on April 7, 2008 at 12:13 am

    I also have a sister who had a severe brain injury. It is very hard, but she is so worth it. My prayers are with your family. Remember, God is great.

  2. frechia on April 15, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    Your web sight has been so encouraging. My daughter’s soon-to-be fiance was in a motorcycle accident last Monday, April 9th. He was going to propose to her this past Friday. He is in the trauma unit at New Hanover in Wilmington, NC. They have kept him in a drug induced coma because he had brain swelling but it seems to have abated. The hardest part is the waiting, not knowing what the outcome will be. He is the most loving big hearted man you will ever meet. Candace, my daughter will not leave him for fear he will wake up and she isn’t there. Knowing Ashlee came through and is with you today is very encouraging. Ryan’s injuries are not as severe as her’s were. His brain stem is intact. Thank you for the information and clarification of some things.

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