Greeting Gov. Palin

Ashleigh was selected to be a Greeter for Governor Sarah Palin when she arrived in Cincinnati for a rally and a fundraiser. The very helpful staff of the person hosting the fundraiser set everything up for us. Ashleigh was in a small group of people who welcomed Gov. Palin as she arrived at the airport before boarding the bus to the rally.

It may be risky to bring up politics and you may not agree with our political leanings but hopefully you can appreciate the fact that Ashleigh’s ability to be aware and engaged in the election is something we see as a positive no matter which candidate you may support.
Ashleigh is excited that there is a woman VP candidate and she really likes Gov. Palin. She has watched all of the debates and watches coverage on the news channels as well. She has voted in every election since her accident.
Governor Palin is very nice and very caring. She thanked Ashleigh for coming and said she really appreciated the effort she knew it took for Ashleigh to be there. When I told her that Ashleigh watched her all the time she told Ashleigh she would try her best knowing that she was watching.
Governor Palin then shared a few words with my wife and I looked up and they were hugging. I think it was that bond that mothers of special needs children have. She then came back and gave Ashleigh a big hug and a kiss and thanked her again for coming out to welcome her. Ashleigh signed that she loved it.
A funny thing is that the event the Governor came to Cincinnati to participate in was originally scheduled earlier in the month but the remnants of Hurricane Ike had come through the area and knocked power out across the state. We had to take baths out of a bucket but we drove to the airport to meet the Governor. We found out after we arrived at the airport that the event had been cancelled. Luckily we were able to make it to the re-scheduled date.
The Enquirer/Malinda Hartong
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin descends the stairs from her plane and greets local supporters. She hugs Treva Szabo, mother of Ashleigh Szabo, of Carlisle, who suffered a brain injury. Ashley was in attendance in a wheelchair.
The Enquirer/Malinda Hartong
Sarah Palin descends the stairs of the plane and greets local supporters on her way to the Roberts Centre for a Road to Victory Rally.
The Enquirer/Malinda Hartong
After greeting Ashleigh Szabo of Carlisle, Ohio, who suffered a brain injury at the end of her high school senior year, Sarah Palin boards the bus to go to the rally.


  1. Anonymous on November 2, 2008 at 9:19 pm

    please don’t give up hope. My name is Ashley and I recovered fully after beginning hemipalegic in a coma from brain daaamage. I could not function for a while until one day everything clicked to me and I was fine. I graduated top of my class, have a wonderful profession, and love every day of my life. Anything is possible.

  2. Anonymous on November 19, 2008 at 8:52 pm

    Hi Ashley, I have learned a lot about you. I should have known you were a Palin supporter. Too bad she lost. I think she’ll run in 2012. What do you think?

    I love your security force!

    Your parents sound wonderful. The TBI website your father has provided be a wealth of information I hope to put to good.

    Please let your father and mother know they have helped by taking away some fear by educating me a bit of what we can expect for a family friend injured last Tuesday Nov. 11.

    Also, let them know its great they raised a daughter smart enough to support Palin!

    Good Day Friend,

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