Spiderman Visits

Ashleigh’s cousin’s little boy, Evan, is at our house quite a bit and we all love it.  His birthday was coming up and he decided he wanted a Spiderman suit.  So Ashleigh and I searched online and we ordered the suit for his birthday.  I guess the first few days he wore it non-stop.  His grandmother even got this thing that shoots webs from his wrists to go with the suit.

He has now started to carry the suit with him and he decided to pay Ashleigh a visit in full regalia.  Too cute!


  1. US on November 11, 2011 at 12:48 pm

    I have one relative in hospital and she is going through trauma of brain injury (it almost 3 months she is in hospital). While doing some research on web I saw your website and blog.
    I wish good luck to you and family.

    You probably want to check following link which might help, as suffered people recovered drastically and videos would reflect the same. I visited the institute once and would be coordinating them again when my relative would be out form hospital.


    All the best

  2. susan shouse on December 23, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    We are very new to this. My son is a senior in high school. On september 16th 2011 my son had a subdural hematoma during a football game. He was life flighted to the nearest hospital about 20 minutes away from the town he was playing the game. They did an emergency surgery and the next day after the surgery, the doctor said that he had a 95 % chance of recovery. then three days after the surgery, his brain started swelling severely. The CT scan showed that he had anoxia throughout his brain coupled with severe Ischemic strokes. I have been told that first, he was going to die and we should let him go peacefully. Then he didn’t die but they cautioned us to remove life support because he will only be a “Vegetable.” We said that as long as my son continues to fight, then he will be allowed to fight. Three months later he is at a CareMeridian skilled nursing home. Physically he is getting stronger: His foley has been removed; his traech is out and he is beginning to tolerate standing in a standing frame for about 20 mnutes. However, neuro wise no one can tell us where he stands. He seems to recognize us at times, but other times just has a blank stare. He is non-verbal so we don’t know if he knows or feels anything. He will at times raise his eyebrows when asked or will raise his eyebrows when we speak to him but we cannot tell if it is reflexive or purposeful. He will sometimes closed his eyes and then open them when we ask him to; but we really have no idea if he is really responding to us at all. We were told he was not well enough to go to rehab so we have him here at this skilled nursing home. Our insurance will be done paying for this soon, and we are planning to take him home. I cannot bear to just put him into a nursing home. Any ideas or suggestion as to how to continure with his care? I do not know the first thing in taking him home and am very frightened.

  3. Margaret Liu(Collins) on July 19, 2014 at 10:17 am

    I ORAY for you that God will give you strength and courage to take charge . My son was hit by a drunk driver at 11. He was in coma fir over thirty days . I prayed hard and believed in Mark 11:23-26 . If we have faith as a mustard seeds, we can move mountains . I know you and your sin can too because my son and I came through , God is no respecter of persons. What he did for us , he will do for you and your son, I believe that God is willing and able to heal. I heard that Bethel Church in Redding Calif. has many miracle healing cases . Perhaps you might want to pay a visit and get the healing anointing . Margaret

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