Ashleigh continues to do some voicing.  In fact, it is a little better overall as her breath support has improved a little.  She also continues to have periods where she will typically wake up and be able to voice very strong for a few minutes.  Right before Christmas she was able to speak with one of her friends that lasted for five minutes or so and then she called her aunt and uncle and kept going for another five minutes.

Ashleigh continues to crack us up sometimes because you never really know what she is going to say.  Her aunt Pam asked her if she liked her chiropractor and she said yes because he is good looking.

Ashleigh’s dog was driving us crazy because two or three times in the span of a couple weeks she had gone outside and rolled in some kind of animal droppings.  I had to bathe her before she could be in the house again and Sophie really does not care for baths.  I asked Ashleigh what we could tell Sophie when she gets mad at me for bathing her.  Ash said “Tell her if you don’t want a bath, quit rolling in crap”.

Later we were the football playoffs and Ashleigh and her Mom were rooting for Denver and I was rooting for New England.  We asked why she liked Denver and she because Tim Tebow is hot.  I think she needs to quit being so shy…

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  1. Sherri on May 9, 2015 at 3:38 am

    My best friend at age 44 suffered a brain bleed followed by an aneurism and small strokes. She had 2 brain surgeries. After about a month in icu she is now conscious and today was moved to the floor 1 step under icu. She only whispers occasionally, and we cant usually understand her. It seems that her left side suffered some paralysis her eyes are set to the right. With a lot of urging from us, she can adjust them to the center but only for a moment. She cant move them to the left at all. It appears she keeps pointing to something in her room but we dont know what she sees? I am a somewhat spiritual person as is her mother and we like to think she sees her guardian angel. Any similarities or thoughts on our theory?

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