Tobii Eye Gaze Device Received

After testing a wide range of equipment and access methods the therapists decided the Tobii Eyegaze I15 would be the best choice for Ashleigh’s communication device.

With the previous devices we have tried we were always fighting the fact that her vision was best on the lower left while her motor is best on the right and bigger movements can fatigue her easily.  The eyegaze system removed this major obstacle.

We just received the Tobii and have a series of appointments with Sherry at The Perlman Center to work on customizing the device.  Ashleigh is very excited about it.


  1. Quincy Holden on January 19, 2020 at 10:55 am

    Hey Ashleigh. I’ve suffered TBI too and was looking for a support page then I found this. I won’t say that I have the best advice, but my motivations are eating healthy, offering support to others and reading the Bible.

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