Ash & Tim Tebow

We got to meet with Tim Tebow when he came to speak at Cincinnati Christian University.  He is such a nice guy and as you can tell by Ashleigh’s smile she was really excited. 


Ashleigh and I started watching football together when she was still in the hospital a few months after her accident on the little pull-down TV.  We still watch games together every Sunday and Ashleigh has an amazing record of predicting the winners.  We are Tebow fans and will follow him wherever he goes.  We told Tim that if he ever gets nominated for sainthood he has already accomplished one miracle and that was getting my wife to watch football.  When Tim was leading his team to the playoff win over the Steelers my wife was cheering him on louder than anyone.

Tim and his team invited us to stay for his talk and it was both entertaining and inspiring.  The most surprising thing to me is how mature and insightful he is, especially for a 24 year old.  I remember how my friends and I were around that age and all we were interested in was where is the next party being held.

Tim talked about the type of role model he wants to be and the time he has spent thinking about how he wants to lead his life.  He wants to leave the world a better place beyond anything he does in football and in my opinion he is already well on his way.

This thought is probably a waste of the time it takes to type, but, I wish the media would just lay off the negative stuff.  If they want to criticize his performance on the field, whether he missed a receiver or made a wrong call that is fine.  But the negativity of him personally and his beliefs are over the top.  Some are rooting for him to fail just because they do not share his beliefs.

Tim is an amazing young man who went way out of his way to make sure Ashleigh felt special and brought some joy to her life and for that we are very grateful.

Thanks also to the people at Cincinnati Christian University for allowing us to come to their event and to our student host, Eddie.



  1. Judie Peterson on May 5, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    Thanks so much for posting these pictures. So good to see how happy Ashleigh was! We were able to view much of Tim’s inspiring speech at CCU on youtube. Here’s the site for anyone who might want to watch…

  2. Ashly T. on September 5, 2012 at 1:02 am

    Hi, I was searching through the web looking for brain injury sites. I have been having a hard time with my husbands brain injury emotionally and physically. This life changing experience is something unreal. But seeing this website made me feel like im not alone, and their is hope for my husband. I am so glad Ashleigh is doing better and not letting her injuries keep her from enjoying life. 🙂

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